Majka Jezowska Concert in Ireland

We are organised with Polish School in Carlow a special concert with MAJKA JEZOWSKA from Poland.

Majka, actually Maria Jeżowska was born in 1960 in Nowy Sacz. Songs such as “All our children are,” and “I prefer my mom” made Majka has become a favorite of the youngest audience, and today grow new generations of her fans.

She studied at the Faculty of Music Academy in Katowice. She made her debut in Opole in 1979, the song “Natti for a note,” and then came another success – proven hit songs: “Since this morning I have a good mood”, “The most beautiful in the classroom”, “Reggae on the first inventors”. At the beginning of l.80. Majka went to the United States, but returned to Polish concerts. In 1987 she recorded the album “Vibrations” and represented Poland at the festival in Sopot.

Shortly afterwards, he took up the work of children. Mali listeners loved Majka not only a song about my mother, which has hair like ink (to the words Agnieszka Osiecka), but also a colorful scenic image, which was the brainchild of the artist (storm curls, tulle skirts and lace gloves). The album “And I prefer my mother” were also songs like “Chewing jumps”, “Rhythm and melody” and “Safari colonies”. Popularity boards translated into a musical Majkow Recording Studio. Children stage career for granted the Order of the Smile.

In 1994, he returned to Polish and founded her own record company. She performed both for children and for an adult audience. She recorded songs like “On the Beach”, “Color of the heart” and “Margarita” and songs from the soundtrack to the movie “In Desert and Wilderness”. In April 2008 it took place the Third National Festival of Songs Majka in Radom.