Xfactor Winner Gienek Loska – Ireland Tour

We are organised big tour in 2014 for Gienek Loska Xfactor winner in Republic of Ireland. Gienek and Makar played in DUBLIN, CORK and GALWAY.

Gienek Loska tried to become famous in the music scene for many years. He played on the streets of Polish cities, as well as appearances on television. Gienek Loska took part in “Chance for Success” and the “Got Talent”. But it was only thanks to the “X Factorowi” Gienek Loska gained popularity. Gienek continued his musical career, albeit in a rather unusual way. Very often he played the “stricie”. Often, it can be seen on the main square of Krakow, but the artist willingly gave concerts in other cities. Loska tried his hand in various entertainment programs. In 2004 he starred in “Chance for Success” in the section dedicated to the group of Wolves. Gienek could be seen also in the third edition of the “Got Talent”. But this is only the “X Factor” helped develop his wings. He loska immediately impressed the judges with its naturalness and sincerity. – For me, you can sing even a cookbook because you are authentic – so his performance commented Maja Sablewska. Gienek eventually went to a group of soloists over 25 years old, under the command of Czeslaw Mozila. The live programs performed mainly rock classics. In the final program Loska defeated two charges Winfrey: Michael Szpak and Ada Szulc. Winning the talent-show Gienkowi opened the door to a real career, but he did not resign from the performances on the street. Although lack of time can be there to meet less and less. Musician and his band, Gienek Loska Band, moreover, do not have problems to fill concert halls considerable.