Czeslaw Mozil & Czeslaw Spiewa band

We are working with Czeslaw Mozil from few years. We are worked with new CD “Czeslaw Spiewa Milosza” with promo materials. We are organised Ireland Tour with Czeslaw Spiewa band.

Czeslaw Mozil a living from the age of five in Denmark, singer and composer, a graduate of the Royal Danish Music Academy. His first album “Debut” contains 10 compositions created based on poems written by Michael Zablocki of Internet users in chat “Multipoetry” in It was published on 7 April 2008. The second album “Pop” was released on April 12, 2010.

Czeslaw is a professional accordionist, who also composes music for theater productions. He ran a bar and a construction company. “On stage – a charismatic and crazy, singing into a microphone set at the level of the navel, leading his ceremonies quite casually, it electrifies the audience that demands ever new encores.”

Music history Czeslaw mainly in 2000, the band Tesco Value, which has performed in clubs and at festivals in Denmark Roskilde and Copenhagen Jazz Fest. “When defining the music of Czeslaw certainly would be easier to mention what it does not have – than to find all the unique combination of ingredients. A musical cabaret, punk, alternative, urban folk, tango – it only signposts in the works of Czeslaw that have it to yourself that you too follow them … or take a completely different path. ”

Since 2011 Charlie is also a juror for the TV show “The X Factor”. In search of musical talents they help him to Cuba Provincial and Tatiana Okupnik that during the second round in his chair jurorskim replaced Maya Sablewską.