Sloneczko Shops in Ireland working with us from few years. We are created a new website and promotional materials. They are working with polish target in Castlebar, Tuam and Ballina. Sloneczko and Project on Time in 2014 organised Event for our customer in Castlebar.

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Castlebar store was opened as 1 in 2009, it was initially a small shop holding in its range only basic Polish products, with increasing demand among our clients and for them it has been enlarged so as to provide convenient and comfortable shopping. Today on our shelves you can find around 6,000 products of the highest quality and freshness. To complete assortment for our customers we have provided services such as: the possibility of ordering fresh and delicious cakes occasional courier and ordering books from the Polish Empik list.

Shop in Ballina was opened for customers living in Ballina and in smaller towns in the vicinity. Shop adjacent to a large car park which is easier for customers especially for driving. We selected a wide assortment of meats of the best Polish companies. Additionally, our customers except for fresh bread, cakes and vegetables have the possibility subscribe to the titles they are interested in Polish magazines and books.

Shop in Tuam was opened in 2010 and immediately captivated our customers quality products offered, and most of all Polish daily supply of fresh breads and delicious cakes, today they conquer the hearts of all our customers. We strive for it so our customers can be on our shelves beyond the bread also fresh vegetables and meat. Our staff takes care of every day to shopping eis held in a very pleasant atmosphere.