We are still working with MROZ – Polish Shops in Ireland. The website are nearly finished, facebook campaign working from about one year for this customer. In May 2015 we are organised big event for Mroz in Ireland in CityWest Hotel.

You can check our website: www.mrozdublin.com

The company MROZ is a Polish brand. Company history begins in 1980, when the five-hectare farm in Borek Wielkopolski. Currently, Frost SA and companies concentrated around the company is one of the leading groups of companies the agricultural industry in Poland. Frost in Ireland employs over 100 people in Poland over 1500.<br><br>
In 2010, the company in Poland, which we manage increased their turnover, which stands at over 400 million zł. Instead of resting on our laurels and continue with courage to take the challenge that puts us market. MROZ Group operates a vertically integrated throughout the value creation from production of grain feed for pigs for retail sale under its own chain of stores.
The basic form of the company MROZ SA It is the processing of the meat. In all of the offering is more than 150 products. The range, which the company offers to customers are, among other things, block and sliced ​​products, among which is the leader in canned ham, sausages, smoked meats, offal products, delicatessen and meat raw.
In Ireland we are in 2004 and we already have 16 stores. Enjoy your shopping!