Kubus juices in United Kingdom & Ireland

So happy to work with one of the best and popular kids juice in Poland. We are promoting Kubus in UK in Ireland on the polish events. We are promoting Kubus only in UK and Ireland but the polish community is huge there.

Kubuś is a pulp juice made from Mazury region carrots and fruit. It is dedicated mostly to children, but adults also like to drink it. It is available in various flavours, which are free of preservatives. Kubuś is available in a 0.3 l bottle and a lightweight 0.9 l plastic bottle. The following flavours are available: banana, carrot-apple, carrot-peach-apple, carrot-apple-orange, carrot-strawberry, carrot-raspberry-apple, banana-apple-peach, green banana-kiwi, banana-strawberry.  With natural immunity of the young and the adults in mind, Kubuś offers new delicious flavours with the addition of honey and vitamin C: carrot, banana-lemon, and carrot-raspberry-lemon.